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VM6 Geographic and Regional Aspects of Development Research (15 ECTS)

240064 VO (BDG) Education and International Development - Globale Konvergenzen & Divergenzen in der Bildungswelt
240065 VO (SGU) Inequality - Questions, History, Cases
240080 SE (SGU) VM3 / VM6 - Chains of Dependency? - The interdependent rights and entitlements of older people and migrant workers
240091 VO VM5 / VM6 - Introduction to Latin American Studies - People, Commodities and Ecosystems and their movement
240087 VO+UE (SGU) VM5 / VM6 - Bridgehead Okinawa - A periphery`s centrality in past and present times
150087 VU [en] Law in East Asia
150098 SE [en] Strategic Gaming - North Korea

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