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4.12. International Private Commercial Law and Comparative Law - Core Area

030009 SE Diesel gate: analysis of the VW scandal - from the perspective of civil, private international and comparative law. For diploma and doctoral students
030042 KU Introduction to Tort Law - With aspects of comparative law; also for students from other faculties
030228 KU Introduction to Austrian Sports Law - with particular reference to private law issues - with aspects of comparative law
030244 KU [sl] Slovenian Civil Law
030277 KU [es] Introduction to Spanish law and Spanish legal terminology - Gilt als C1 Sprachnachweis - für Erasmus Studierende
030367 KU Legal research in the cross-border context - Fiinding sources of law with special consideration to public international, EU law and selected foreign legal orders
030403 VO [en] International Commercial Arbitration - Internationale Handelsschiedsgerichtsbarkeit
030429 KU [en] Comparative Constitutional Studies - Part VII: Fundamental Rights Protection
030449 SE Introduction to german legal language - Introductory course into the Austrian legal system for international students with German as a foreign language
030509 SE [de sl] Civil Law, Conflict of Laws - for diploma and doctoral students
030536 KU The System of European Union Law - unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des Wirtschaftsverfassungsrechts, des Binnenmarktrechts und des Gemeinschaftsprivatrechts
030541 KU [en] Comparative Constitutional Studies - Part VII: Fundamental Rights Protection

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