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M-13 Gender and Society (13 ECTS)

030502 KU [en] Law and Liberalism - also for diploma and doctoral students
070292 VU Lecture Series and Exercises - Reduction of excessive nationalism and prejudices in society - Interdisziplinäre Beiträge der Universität Wien
180063 PS [en] Self and Normativity - C. Korsgaards "Self-Constitution"
180065 SE Plato, Politeia
180097 VO Introduction to Psychoanalysis - Depth psychology II
180121 SE Productive differences - Positionen feministischer Differenzenphilosophie
180122 VO Relativism in Political Philosophy - Historical and Political Debates
230104 SE Sociology of the hospital - Sociology of the hospital as leading organization of the function system disease care in modern society

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