Universität Wien

M02 D Ethics in the Context of Religions and Cultures

010109 SE Clinical Rounds - Herausforderungen am Ende des Lebens
030301 VO Justice
030352 SE Critique of the State - for diploma and doctoral students
030502 KU [en] Law and Liberalism - also for diploma and doctoral students
060012 VO Golems, Dybbuks and Wonder Rabbis - Kabbala in Film - (Jüdische Kulturgeschichte in Film und Medien)
070292 VU Lecture Series and Exercises - Reduction of excessive nationalism and prejudices in society - Interdisziplinäre Beiträge der Universität Wien
180001 VO Philosophy and Architecture - Ring lecture series
180046 SE Reading Chinese Philosophy - Confucian Analects; Doctrine of the Mean
180047 SE Cultural Theory - Zur Politik der kulturellen Identität
180049 KU [en] Aesthetics in the Context of Indian Philosophies - The Heart as the Place of Aesthetic Receptivity
180058 SE Philosophy of religion - Dialogue and global ethics from a philosophical point of view
180060 VO The Variety of Philosophy of Religion - Eine Einführung in die Religionsphilosophie
180095 SE [en] What is life?
180097 VO Introduction to Psychoanalysis - Depth psychology II
180105 SE [en] Being Bound to Others
180106 SE [en] The Death of the Other
180115 VO-L Evil - A fitting category of philosophical ethics respectively morals?
240065 VO (SGU) Inequality - Questions, History, Cases

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