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4.30.2. International Relations Law (Including International Organisations) - Elective Area

030060 SE [en] Seminar on International Investment Law - for undergraduate and graduate students
030084 SE [de en] Seminar in International Law - for undergraduate and graduate students
030097 SE [en] Advanced research seminar in international dispute settlement - For the presentation of dissertation projects (for doctoral students)
030105 SE [en] International Criminal Justice - (for undergraduade and graduade students)
030238 SE [de en] Seminar in International Law: International Investment Law and the Rule of Law - (for undergraduate and graduate students)
030322 KU [en] International Law Aspects of Tax Planning - Dissecting the Paradise Papers
030324 SE Legal Discourses of Conquest of America - Vitoria, Las Casas and John Locke (for diploma and doctoral students)
030393 SE [en] Heart of Darkness - Colonial International Law - Seminar in International Legal History (for diploma and doctoral students)
030423 SE Seminar in Legal Informatics - (also SE in intern. and European Law). For diploma and doctoral students.
030490 KU [en fr] Business and Human Rights
030524 SE [en] Colonial International Law - For diploma and doctoral students
030559 KU [fr] Francais Juridique I - Les Juridictions Nationales

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