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5.1. Competence in a Foreign Language for Specific Purposes

030017 KU [fr] The Relationship Between the State and Religions - Comparing Models of Cooperation and of Secularity
030050 SE [en] Willem C Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot - Willem C Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot (open for Erasmus students)
030060 SE [en] Seminar on International Investment Law - for undergraduate and graduate students
030070 KU [en] Computers and Law
030097 SE [en] Advanced research seminar in international dispute settlement - For the presentation of dissertation projects (for doctoral students)
030105 SE [en] International Criminal Justice - (for undergraduade and graduade students)
030115 KU [en] M & A International Part II - Competition Law (cartel-agreements, mergers) - (Gesellschaftsrecht und Kartellrecht)
030123 KU [en] Anglo-American Legal English IV - Labour Law, Real Estate Iland Law, Family Law US, UK, Austria
030132 KU [en] The Austrian Legal System - an overview - for Erasmus incomings
030156 SE [en] Status Quo, Compromise and Parity in Law, Politics and Society - 11th Summer Academy on the History of the Jews in the Holy Roman Empire and its successor States
030198 KU [en] Mediation for Lawyers
030224 KU [en] Comparative Constitutional Studies - Part VIII: Amending the Constitution - Group 1
030238 SE [de en] Seminar in International Law: International Investment Law and the Rule of Law - (for undergraduate and graduate students)
030239 SE [en] European and International Business and Technology Law Seminar - (for diploma, doctoral and exchange students)
030274 KU [en] Debates about Intercultural Justice - Legal Theory, Legal Pluralism, and Cultural Difference in Indigenous/Settler and Religiously-Divided Societies
030309 SE [en] European Union Law Seminar - (for diploma, doctoral and exchange students)
030322 KU [en] International Law Aspects of Tax Planning - Dissecting the Paradise Papers
030364 KU [en] EU Anti-discrimination Law - with a Special Focus on the Access to Goods and Services
030365 KU [en] Comparative Family Law
030393 SE [en] Heart of Darkness - Colonial International Law - Seminar in International Legal History (for diploma and doctoral students)
030412 KU [en] EU Judicature - (Die Gerichtsbarkeit der Europäischen Union)
030432 SE [en] International Arbitration - (for Diploma Candidates and Doctoral Candidates)
030478 KU [en] Anglo-American Legal English II - US/UK/Austrian IP Law, Law of Arbitration, Tax Law, Accounting, Insurance Law - Anrechenbar für Vienna LLP
030488 KU [en] Roman property law - The Civilian Tradition
030490 KU [en fr] Business and Human Rights
030502 KU [en] Law and Liberalism II: Neutrality, Neoliberalism, Anti-Liberalism - also for diploma and doctoral students
030509 SE [de sl] Civil Law, Conflict of Laws - for diploma and doctoral students
030524 SE [en] Colonial International Law - For diploma and doctoral students
030525 KU [en] English for Lawyers (USA) - An Intoduction to the Anglo-American Legal System (s) and to Anglo-American Legal English
030540 KU [en] Anglo-American Legal English VI - US/UK/Austrian Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure Law, Insolvency Law - Anrechenbar für Vienna LLP
030541 KU [en] Comparative Constitutional Studies - Part VIII: Amending the Constitution - Group 2
030559 KU [fr] Francais Juridique I - Les Juridictions Nationales
030566 MC [en] Ius Commune Moot Court - Imperial Aulic Council
030580 KU [en] Private Law Theory
030592 KU [en] EU State Aid Law
030601 KU [en] Free Movement of Persons in European Union Law - workers, establishment, services and Union citizenship
030603 SE [en] Seminar European Union Law - for diploma and doctoral students
030621 KU [de en he yi] Manuscripts and Sources - German, Latin or Hebrew, Judeo-German, Yiddish
030652 KU [en] EU Constitutional Law: The Evolving Constitution of the European Union - (Structures, Principles and Recent Developments)
380013 SE [en] Seminar on Comparative Civil Procedual Law (for graduates) - gemeinsam mit den Universitäten Ljubljana, Uppsala und Zürich in Wien

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