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5.2. Advanced Historical Competence

030079 SE Seminar Roman Law and ABGB - (also for diploma and doctroal students)
030112 SE Law of the Christian East - Patriarch, Sultan, Czar, President - heirs of the Byzantine Emperor in the past and today (for diploma and doctoral students)
030156 SE [en] Status Quo, Compromise and Parity in Law, Politics and Society - 11th Summer Academy on the History of the Jews in the Holy Roman Empire and its successor States
030194 KU Islam in Europe - (Issues from) Legal history and contemporory legal developments
030197 SE History of Medical Law - for diploma and doctoral students
030208 SE Adolf Julius Merkl and the Pure Theory of Law - for diploma and doctoral students
030233 SE Seminar on Legal History: History of Constitutional and Administrative Justice - -with excursion to Bad Ischl (for diploma and doctoral students)
030256 SE Seminar european and comparative history of law - for diploma and doctoral students
030373 VO Lecture Series: Work in Progress - Reports on act. fields of research in legal & constitut.hist. at Vienna Law Fac.
030392 KU Roman Society - (Law of Persons / Family)
030393 SE [en] Heart of Darkness - Colonial International Law - Seminar in International Legal History (for diploma and doctoral students)
030412 KU [en] EU Judicature - (Die Gerichtsbarkeit der Europäischen Union)
030418 SE Seminar: Migration in legal history - for diploma students
030524 SE [en] Colonial International Law - For diploma and doctoral students
030547 KU Introduction into the Philosophy of Law and State of the Modern Age - Political Philosophy and Philosophy of Law II
030549 SE Digest 24,1: Gifts between Husband and Wife? - Zum römischen Ehegattenschenkungsverbot und den damit verbundenen dogmatischen Problemstellungen
030562 SE The Language of Roman Law and the Roman Jurists - (auch für DiplomandInnen und DissertantInnen)
030566 MC [en] Ius Commune Moot Court - Imperial Aulic Council
030567 MC [en] Historical Jewish Law Moot Court - The Rabbinic Tribunal of Prague
030621 KU [de en he yi] Manuscripts and Sources - German, Latin or Hebrew, Judeo-German, Yiddish
030652 KU [en] EU Constitutional Law: The Evolving Constitution of the European Union - (Structures, Principles and Recent Developments)
030684 SE Seminar on legal and constitutional history - for diploma and doctoral students

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