Universität Wien

BA T2 - Specific Sociological Theories and Societal Diagnoses (15 ECTS)

Die Vorlesung "Ausgewählte Paradigmen soziologscher Theorien " kann nur im Wintersemester angeboten werden.

230121 SE [en] Selected Paradigms: Comparative Social Policies - History, approaches, directions of research and developments
230122 SE Selected Paradigms: Neo-marxist Theory of Society - Pierre Bourdieus "Distinction: A Social Critique of the Judgement of Taste"
230127 WS Diagnosis of Society: Intersectionality of Ideologies - Nationalism, Sexism, and Antisemitism
230128 WS Diagnosis of Society: Un/wanted refugees? - Social constructions and societal positions in the context of asylum and flight

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