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VM5 Historical Aspects of Development Research (15 ECTS)

240057 VO (NR) Commodities and Development: Current Issues and Historical Context - International Division of Labour and unequal Development
240083 SE VM3 / VM5 - The invention of education - Discourses on education and development in the historical context
240095 SE VM5 / VM6 - Negritude versus Eurocentrism: - A literary movement as a paradigm of Emancipation policy
240088 SE (SGU) VM5 / VM7 - Dubious entanglements and libratory strategies - women’s movements and global inequality
240089 VO+UE (SGU) VM5 / VM6 - A New Scramble? - World War Two in global historical perspective
240090 SE [en] (SGU) VM5 / VM2 - 'Eating People is Wrong' - On the Nature and Causes of Famines in the 19th and 20th Centuries.

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