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Literary and Cultural Studies (32 ECTS)

124070 VO [en] Culture, Society and the Media - The Long 19th Century
124260 KO [en] Critical Media Analysis - A Star Is Born: Critical Perspectives on American Celebrity Cultures
124261 KO [en] Critical Media Analysis - Fake News: Hoaxes, Propaganda, and Media Literacy
124262 KO [en] Critical Media Analysis - Nasty Women on the Rise - Analysing Unruly Femininities in Contemporary US Culture
124263 KO [en] Critical Media Analysis - Subcultures-Countercultures
124264 KO [en] Critical Media Analysis - Crane Shot, Close-Up, CGI: Critical Film Analysis
124265 KO [en] Critical Media Analysis - Screening the Male: Images of the male body and ideas about masculinities in Film,TV and comic books
124266 KO [en] Critical Media Analysis - Where are the Australian Women? Gender in Australian Cultural Representations.
123020 VO [en] Literature Survey 1
123030 VO [en] Literature Survey 2
127010 KO [en] Critical Readings in Literature - Victorian Writers and the Environment
127011 KO [en] Critical Readings in Literature - Poetics of Migration
127012 KO [en] Critical Readings in Literature - Vietnamese American Literature: More than War
127013 KO [en] Critical Readings in Literature - Kazuo Ishiguro and Literary Theory

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