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M02 B Ethics in the Context of Life and Health

030500 SE Law, State and Literature - for diploma and doctoral students
180022 PS Ethical egoism
180057 SE New Technologies and Images of the Body - Philosophy of Technology and the Mind-Body Problem
180076 VO Philosopy of labour - Wie bestimmt die gesellschaftliche Beschaffenheit von Tätigkeit und Produktion das Denken und wie das Denken über Arbeit die Vorstellung von Gesellschaft?
180078 SE Ethics, Human Rights and Justice in Psychoanalysis - Contemporary Psychoanalysis
180079 SE Age-Disease-Dying - Philosophisch-medizinische und ethische Probleme in der Geriatrie
180082 KU Phantasy - Lacanian Perspectives
180085 VO-L Philosophy of science and the question of research in psychoanalysis. Part 2 - From the clinical to the empirical and interdisciplinary research
180161 VO Practical philosophy - Ich und Du. Philosophie der Person und des Dialogs
190037 SE Special Ethical Questions - Euthanasia and assisted suicide
190073 SE Anthropology and Education - Modern anthropologies and their educational implications
190122 VO Module 2: Fundamental Terms and Concepts of Psychoanalysis - Fundamental Terms and Concepts of Psychoanalysis
300112 SE Current topics in philosophy, theology and biology - Interdisciplinary discussions of current topics in Philosophy, Theology and Biology
350164 SE (KPH) Ethical Issues in Sports

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