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M3 Specialisation (24 ECTS)

070202 SE Seminar - Urkunden der bosnischen Könige
070222 SE Seminar zu Geschichte (PM 4) - Das Habsburgerreich und seine Nachfolgestaaten 1914-1922
070305 VO [de en] Lecture - The Holocaust in the USSR - Sources, Historiography and Culture of Remembrance
070330 VO Further Historical Approaches - Modern Sports and Politics - From the End of the 19th Century until Present Time
070337 SE Seminar (PM4) - South-Eastern Europe in international relations in 19th Century
070339 SE Seminar (PM4) - Land ownership and agrarian reforms in South-Eastern Europe in the interwar period
210089 VO [en] BAK15: SpezialVO East European Studies - Nationalism after Communism: Nation-building, ethnic conflicts and populism in Eastern Europe
210131 SE [en] M9: Eastern European Studies - New social and protest movements in Central-, East- and Southeast Europe. (engl)
210132 SE M9: Eastern European Studies - Forms of post-Soviet rule in Russia, the Southern Caucasus and Central Asia
240508 SE [en] Re-Imagining the Balkans and Eastern Europe (P3) - Anthropological Perspectives, Debates and Comparisons
480087 SE Language policy in the Slavic-speaking world - Seminar on Linguistics
480091 VO Older Ioans in Southern Slavonic - Historical and Comparative Linguistics
480124 KO The Literature of the Normalization (1969-1989) - Colloquium on Literature and Culture
480125 KO South Slavic Epigraphic of the 10th-13th centuries - Colloquium on Linguistics
480134 SE Slavia Orthodoxa et/versus Slavia Latina - Seminar on Linguistics
480136 SE Partisan film in Yugoslavia - Seminar on Literature and Culture
480140 SE The russian satire in exile - Seminar on Literature and Culture
480148 SE The Figure of I.S.Mazepa in Slavic Fiction - Seminar on Literature and Culture
480160 KO "Narrative of Oil Profit" in Galicia - Colloquium on Literature and Culture

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