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M2 Introduction to the Research Process. Designs and Methods (14 ECTS)

070023 PS [de en] BA-Proseminar - Political Rights in Modern History - Politische Partizipationsrechte in der neueren Geschichte
070163 PS BA-Proseminar - Catholic Women's Societies in Austria in the 19. and 20. century - Katholische Frauenvereine in Österreich im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert
070219 PS Proseminar
070245 PS BA-Proseminar - Dissolution of the Habsburg Monarchy - and the New States in Central and South Eastern Europe after the World War I
070303 PS BA-Proseminar - Der "Europäische Jugendverband", Wien 1942
070369 PS PS Proseminar
060003 VO Introduction: Visual Jewish Cultural History - (Jüdische Kulturgeschichte in Film und Medien)
170600 SE [en] MA 1.1. "Forms of Staging and Aesthetic Perception" - Theatre and Genocide: Studies of theatrical performance under duress within National Socialism
230006 VO Sociological methodology and methods - Basics, critique, and new developments in empirical research

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