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Group of Compulsory Modules (16 ECTS)

480027 VO Nikolaus Lenau s Impact on Slavic Literatures - Literature and Culture Studies
480091 VO Older Ioans in Southern Slavonic - Historical and Comparative Linguistics
480097 KO Reading early Slavic texts (before 1800) - Colloquium on Lingustics
480125 KO South Slavic Epigraphic of the 10th-13th centuries - Colloquium on Linguistics
480143 KO Theories, methods, empirical results - recent projects - Colloquium on Linguistics
480057 SE Slovene in Comparative Slavic Context - Seminar on Linguistics
480087 SE Language policy in the Slavic-speaking world - Seminar on Linguistics
480134 SE Slavia Orthodoxa et/versus Slavia Latina - Seminar on Linguistics
480136 SE Partisan film in Yugoslavia - Seminar on Literature and Culture

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