Universität Wien FIND

Bachelor Teacher Training Programme: Biology and Environmental Studies (193 041, 198 402)

300001 VO (OVSTEOP) StEOP: Introductory Lecture in Biology I - Anthropology, ecology, botany and zoology
300002 VO (OVSTEOP) STEOP: Introductory Lecture in Biology II - biochemistry, cellbiology, genetics and microbiology
300238 VU Introduction to Paleobiology - in Parallelen
300453 VU Morphology and function of animals - in Parallelen
300131 PP Interdisciplinary Project Practical for Teachers - green genetic engineering in food, technology and control
300157 PP Interdisciplinary Project for teacher candidates - Teaching Practical Inquiry Skills in the Teaching and Learning Lab Biology
267224 SE Digital Learning in Science - Digitalisation focus
300022 VO Bioethics
300024 VO Concepts in Ecology - Concepts in Ecology
300036 VO Biological Invasions - Neobiota and their relevance
300058 VO Urban Ecology
300060 VO Funerary Archaeology in Austria - Concepts, Digital Methods, and the Archaeological Record
300127 RE Revision course to Practical training in determination of native animals - Biodiversity and Biology of Central European Animals
300144 VO Mammalogy
300166 VO Entomology - Introduction to insect science
300194 SE Biological Invasions - in-depth case studies and literature studies
300227 VO Primatology
300248 VO Cell Biology of Plants - Structure and Function of the Plant Cell
300318 SE (PH-WIEN) The way we discover the world - Teaching models for fostering a theoretic scientific understanding of practices in natural science
300356 UE Entomological Laboratory - Taxonomic studies on selected insects
300379 VO Nature in our hands - Introduction to species and area conservation (Bioethics)
300385 VO Human Anatomy - Osteology and Arthrology - Einführung in die Anatomie des Menschen
300426 VO Introduction into Human Ecology - Introduction into Human Ecology
300481 VO Morphology and Palaeodiversity of vertebrates - Mammals and Birds
300496 VO Marine Science
300669 VO Management of endangered species - practical species protection in marine and terrestrial ecosystems
300719 VO Gender in science - (Gender)
301212 VO Plant Molecular Biology I - Genetics and cellorganisation

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