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4.17.2. European Law (advanced) - Elective Area

030036 KU [en] European Competition Procedures - Procedural Law of EU Competition cases and before the ECJ
030102 KU Equality between the sexes - in European Community Law
030224 KU [en] Comparative Constitutional Studies - Part I: Heads of States - Group 1
030239 SE [en] European and International Business and Technology Law Seminar - (for diploma, doctoral and exchange students)
030243 SE [de en] EU Asylum- and Migration Law - Seminar für Diplomanden und DissertantInnen
030308 SE European Internal Market Law and European Competition Law Seminar - (for diploma and doctoral students)
030309 SE [en] European Union Law Seminar - (for diploma, doctoral and exchange students)
030332 SE Decisionism (Hobbes, Schmitt, Lübbe) - (auch für DissertantInnen und DiplomandInnen)
030368 SE Seminar in European Law - Digital Single Market - For Diploma and Doctoral Students
030374 SE EU Labour Law and Social Law - für DiplomandInnen und DissertantInnen
030410 KU [en] EU Competition Policy
030416 SE [de en] EU Environmental Law: Climate Protection and Energy Regulation - For diploma and doctoral students
030423 SE Seminar in Legal Informatics - (also SE in intern. and European Law). For diploma and doctoral students.
030459 KU [en] The Constitutional Foundations of Substantive EU Law - Basic internal market law and selected underlying issues of EU constitutional law
030507 KU Internal and external security according to the law of the European Union - from the beginning to the future perspectives
030541 KU [en] Comparative Constitutional Studies - Part I: Heads of States - Group 2
030601 KU [en] Free Movement of Persons in European Union Law - workers, establishment, services and Union citizenship
030603 SE [en] Seminar European Union Law - for diploma and doctoral students
030609 KU Advanced Competition Law - Foundations and practice
030652 KU [en] EU Constitutional Law: The Evolving Constitution of the European Union - (Structures, Principles and Recent Developments)
030675 KU [en] Unchartered Territory? Private International Law and International Commercial Litigation after Bexit - Block Course in English language; Status quo on Brexit; options for future judicial cooperation between the UK and the EU; new commercial court initiatives in Europe and Asia; future competition with London based litigation and arbitration

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