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4.30.2. International Relations Law (Including International Organisations) - Elective Area

030055 SE Seminar in Public International Law: Immunities in International Law - for diploma and doctoral students
030109 KU [en] Human Rights II (F) - Special Issues
030119 SE [en] Advanced Research Seminar: Responsibility in International Law - for undergraduate and graduate students
030170 KU [fr] Legal French II - Relations internationales
030213 KU [en] Selected Issues of International Law - Law of Treaties, State Responsibility, Prohibition of the Use of Force, Human Rights
030238 SE [de en] Seminar in International Law: International Investment Law and Rights of Indigenous Peoples - (for undergraduate and graduate students)
030263 KU [en] From the protection of persecuted co-religionists to the protection of universal human rights - Theory and practice of humanitarian interventions in historcial perspective
030332 SE Decisionism (Hobbes, Schmitt, Lübbe) - (auch für DissertantInnen und DiplomandInnen)
030402 KU Austria's international status since 1918 and introduction into the Austrian legal system - Introduction to the Austrian legal system for international students with knowledge of German
030423 SE Seminar in Legal Informatics - (also SE in intern. and European Law). For diploma and doctoral students.
030570 SE Seminar in International Law: Withdrawal from Treaties - (for diploma and doctoral students)

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