Universität Wien FIND

Applications (25 ECTS)

230020 VO Structure and Development of Mordern Societies - Social Change of the Austrian Society
230021 PR Workshop/Excursion: Penetration into the Ethnic Communities - Function and Dysfunction of Ethnic Communities
230022 PR Workshop/Study Trips: Career Orientation - Socio-Scientific Research
230023 PR Workshop/Excursion: Job Orientation for Students - Beispiele für Arbeitsfelder von SoziologInnen
230024 PR Workshop/Excursion: Joborientation - The public administration as workplace for sociologists
230025 PR Workshop/Excursion: Jobioreintation - Youth work - Aktuelle Trends und Organisationsformen
230060 VO+SE Sociology of Police
230061 VO+SE Sociology of Age
230062 VO+SE Sociology of Media
233002 UK Technology and Society - Technik im Alltag am Beispiel von Daten, Algorithmen und Prognosen
233005 UK Body, Knowledge, Society - Körper, Wissen und Gesellschaft im Zeitalter der Genetik
233009 UK Werte und Bewertungen (in) der Wissenschaft - Ambivalenzen der Beziehung von Wissen und Werten
233010 UK Environment, Risk, Society - science, technology and nature in the time of the anthropocene
230031 FPR Research Practice 1: Spatial mobility and traffic - Different contexts of mobility between sustainability, safety and technology
230032 FPR FPR Research Practice 1: Inclusive and exclusive solidarity - From universalism to welfare chauvinism and right-wing extremism
230035 FPR FPR Research Practice 2: Migration, flight, and seeking asylum - Current life realities in a multifaceted society
230039 SE Writing the bachelor thesis succsesfully! - Seminar to support bachelor students in their qualitative empirical thesis (indepentant of the research topic)

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