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Bachelor Social and Cultural Anthroplogy (610 [2] - Version 2011)

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240016 VO Applied Anthropology (3.2.1) - implementing social and cultural anthropological knowledge
240017 VS [en] Tracing Citizenship (3.2.1) - Researching Organisations and Practices in the context of European Asylum Systems
240025 VO Tourism - local, global, intersectional. Introduction to the Anthropology of Tourism (3.3.4) - Einführung in die anthropologische Tourismusforschung
240029 VO "Yes, it hurts!". An anthropology of tattooing (3.3.6) - History, practice and theory of tattooing
240030 VO Narratives of violence (3.3.6) - Genocidal persecution, media presentation and artistic contributions to coping strategies
240036 SE [dede en] Theoretical discourses

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