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The University of Vienna’s buildings are open to the public again without restrictions during the applicable opening hours from 1 July 2020 onwards. Teaching at the University of Vienna will take place in the form of remote learning until the end of the semester. It is crucial that you continue to follow the hygiene rules and rules of conduct.

For further information about studies and exam operation in the summer, please go to slw.univie.ac.at/en/studying/.
The upcoming winter semester is already being planned. Students will receive further information in good time by e-mail and continuously under slw.univie.ac.at/en/studying/study-organisation/remote-learning.

Interdisciplinary Degree Programmes

240044 UE Guided Reading - Judith Butler, Anmerkungen zu einer performativen Theorie der Versammlung
240105 UE Guided Reading - French Feminisms. Gender theories in francophone thought
240204 UE Scientific Scriptorium (4 ECTS) - gender-reflected writing-workshop
210126 SE M8: Gender and Politics - Women's movements as part of the political: against gender bias in movement research
210127 SE M8: Gender and Politics - Media.Sexism.Violence.
230074 SE Ethnographic film/ social science film - Audio-visual material in research, analysis and communication
233002 UK Technology and Society - Technik im Alltag am Beispiel von Daten, Algorithmen und Prognosen
240109 VO VM7 - One out of Five - Interdisciplinary lecture series focusing on Violence on Women and Children
240110 SE Individual Focus Modul - Sexualitäts- und Männlichkeitsbilder des 'Orients'
240134 UE [en] Individual Focus Modul - The sexual politics of animation - animation film and queer/feminist theory
240135 PS Individual Focus Modul - Individuelle Schwerpunktsetzung - prüfungsimmanent (4 ECTS)
240136 GR Individual Focus Modul - Individuelle Schwerpunktsetzung - prüfungsimmanent (4 ECTS)
010037 FS Beyond the two sexes - Inter- and transsexuality as a challenge to society and theology
240014 SE Gender Studies Topics and Themes II - Scham und Geschlecht: Psychoanalytische und kulturwissenschaftliche Perspektiven
240052 VU Topics of Gender Studies - Gesellschaft und Geschlecht: Neoliberalismus, Autoritarismus, Rechtsextremismus
240110 SE Individual Focus Modul - Sexualitäts- und Männlichkeitsbilder des 'Orients'
240236 VU VU topics - Lecture Series & Workshops
240050 SE SE Methods of Gender Studies - GENDER STATISTIK - Gleichstellung messbar machen
240051 SE SE Theory I - Theories and Methods of Gender Studies - Dekolonisierung von Wissen: post- und dekoloniale feministische Perspektiven auf Wissensproduktion

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