Universität Wien

UF PP 11 Electives (10 ECTS)

010083 VO Metaphysics
180071 PS René Descartes - Principles of Philosophy
180077 PS Methodical Constructivism and Culturalism - 20th-Century Philosophy of Technology
180078 KU Logic II
180080 SE Fundamental Questions of Existential Analysis - Selbstsein und Mitsein-Phänomenologie von Beziehungen und psychotherapeutische Praxis
180083 VO Rationalism
180110 PS Animal Cognition - Können Tiere denken?
180111 VO Performance Philosophy - Was ist performative Philosophie?
180120 SE Phenomenology of the Social-Historical - Castoriadis' Critical Social Theory
180183 VO-L Roboethics - Eine Einführung
180202 KU Zhuangzi. The unknown third - The chinese philosophy of Zhuangzi and his profound ethics.
180214 PS Body as Sign, Body as Flesh - Philosophy as a Practice of Freedom
180216 VO-L On Kant's metaphysical foundations of natural science - The Concept of Nature

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