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Further Compulsory Modules (104 ECTS)

070001 UE Reading Historiography - Writing and Doing History
070016 UE Reading Historiography - The French Revolution 1789 and The East, East Central and Southeastern Europe in the 19th century
070019 UE Reading Historiography - Comparing Images of Europe’s East
070022 UE Reading Historiography - History of Central Asia
070026 UE Reading Historiography - History of Contemporary Historiography
070093 UE Reading Historiography - Travelling in Africa, 16th-20th centuries
070133 UE Reading Historiography - The Work of Historians. A History of Historiography
070177 UE Reading Historiography - On the trace of history
070184 UE Reading Historiography - Der Fürstenstein: Vom antiken ionischen Säulenartefakt zur slowenischen Zweicentmünze
070259 UE Reading Historiography - From late antiquity to the 13th century historical context
070360 UE Reading Historiography - Economy and Society in Japan, 1250-1800
070018 VO Modern History
070050 VO Further Approaches - Südosteuropa im 20. Jahrhundert
070107 VO Global History
070156 VO Further Historical Approaches - DisAbility Studies - Interdisciplinary Approaches
070236 VO Economic and Social History - Economy and Society in Europe, 1000-2000
070341 VO Further Approaches - The other ends of history - The Great Transformation after 1989 (Tadeusz Mazowiecki Lecture Series)
070005 UE Guided Reading - DisAbility History - Versehrt und baufellig? DisAbility History der Vormoderne
070011 UE Guided Reading - Contemporary History - Zeitgeschichte als Streitgeschichte: geschichtspolitische Kontroversen in Quellen und Darstellungen
070014 UE Guided Reading Further Approaches - (European) Dynasties (1400-2000)
070021 UE Guided Reading - Russia and the Black Sea
070023 UE Guided Reading - Russia and the Habsburg Monarchy 1848-1918
070038 UE Guided Reading - Contemporary History - Nazi Genocides in the Mass Media
070039 UE Guided Reading - Contemporary History - Lager im 20. und 21. Jahrhundert
070045 UE [en] Guided Reading - Eastern European History - Women´s and Gender History of East Europe
070065 UE Guided Reading - Austrian History 1 - History of the Habsburg Monarchy (1526 to 1848)
070066 UE Guided Reading - Austrian History I - Quellen und Themen der österreichischen Geschichte (Frühmittelalter bis 1815)
070069 UE Guided Reading - Strategien und Karrieren des europäischen Adels
070070 UE Guided Reading - Spa towns from antiquity to the present. Idyll and modernity using the example of a city type
070071 UE Guided Reading - Political History - Basic questions of political history - Primary sources
070079 UE Guided Reading - Women's and Gender History - Women's and Gender History Austria, 19th and 20th Century
070083 UE [en] Guided Reading - Medieval History - Rome after Rome: The Eternal City in the Middle Ages
070085 UE Guided Reading - - Leonardo da Vinci
070087 UE Guided Reading - Modern Times - Civilizing missions in East and Southeast Asia
070090 UE Guided Reading - History of Consumption in Europe in the Early Modern Period - Konsumgeschichte Europas in der Frühen Neuzeit
070091 UE Guided Reading - Modern Times - Different Spheres? The Relationship Between Science and Politics
070092 UE Guided Reading - History of Science - Kapitalismus als Wissensgeschichte
070143 UE Guided Reading - War and Peace
070145 UE Guided Reading - Politics, Catholicism and Gender
070178 UE Guided Reading - Austrian History I - from the begiinings - ca.1815
070182 UE Guided Reading - Medieval History - Sources on the origin of Central Europe in the age of the Babenberger (976 - 1246)
070183 UE Guided Reading - Modern Times - Introduction to Historical Anthropology
070185 UE [en] Guided Reading - Further Historical Approaches - Medieval Eurasia: Europe, China, Japan & Central Asia
070205 UE Guided Reading - Austrian History 1 - The Imperial Court in Vienna
070270 UE Guided Reading - City and Countryside: Reflections on an unequal relationship - Stadt und Land: Historische Betrachtungen einer ungleichen Beziehung
070287 UE Guided Reading - Häresie und Orthodoxie in der westlichen Kirche (2.-16. Jahrhundert)
070316 UE [en] Guided Reading - Medieval History - Sources ca. 300 - ca. 1500
070333 UE Guided Reading - Medieval History - Learning and the Communication of Knowledge in the Middle Ages. The Multiple Functions and Social Impact of Literacy
070361 UE [en] Guided Reading - Globalgeschichte - Global History of Piracy
070372 UE Guided Reading - Women's and Gender History - Introduction to Women’s and Gender History
070373 UE Guided Reading - Austrian History 1 - The Habsburg Monarchy in the "Long 18th Century"
070163 PS BA-Proseminar - Unity - whatever it costs - heresy, scism and the fight against it, from the Nicene council to the burning of Jan Hus
070198 PS Proseminar - The United States, Japan, and Brazil in Early Modern and Modern History - Politics and Culture, 17th to 21st Centuries
070212 PS BA-Proseminar - Austrofascism - Genesis and Characteristics of a Political System
070219 PS Proseminar - Right of Domicile, Citizenship, and Option - In the Habsburg Monarchy and the First Republic, ca. 1811 - 1938
070277 PS (PH-WIEN) Proseminar - Von der Kolonialisierung zur Dekolonisation: Bilder, Karten und Textquellen zur europäischen Expansion
070285 PS Proseminar
070346 PS BA-Proseminar - The Late Cold War 1975-87 - Third-World Interventions and European Rearmament
070379 PS Proseminar - To lose in the World War - Hungary, its neighbors and the new peace order after 1918
070381 PS Proseminar
240110 SE Individual Focus Modul - Sexualitäts- und Männlichkeitsbilder des 'Orients'
070054 SE BA-Seminar - Jewish History in Eastern Europe

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