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Bachelor Teacher training programme: History, Social Studies and Political Education (193 050, 198 411)

ACHTUNG - Anmeldung Schulpraxis
Für die Anmeldung zur Schulpraxis ist nur noch die Anmeldung zur Begleitlehrveranstaltung notwendig. Sofern Sie einen Fixplatz in der Begleitlehrveranstaltung erhalten, wird Ihnen ein Praktikumsplatz zugewiesen.
Weitere Informationen zum neuen Anmeldeprozedere finden Sie hier:

070166 VO Modern History
070042 VO Modern History
070236 VO Economic and Social History - Economy and Society in Europe, 1000-2000
070107 VO Global History
070090 UE Guided Reading Medieval History - "an der hanthaft mit pluetigen swert oder messer" - Conflict and Conflict Resolution in the Late Middle Ages
070270 UE Guided Reading Vienna: Urban Development and Economy - in the 19th and 20th Centuries
070119 UE Guided Reading Contemporary History - Theories on fascism since 1922 - Zur Genese und Bedeutung einer historiografischen Kategorie
070165 UE Guided Reading - Trans/nationality in the culture of the late Habsburg Monarchy
070263 UE Guided Reading Modern Times - Canons, Contracts, Conflicts - The Military and Warfare in Modern History
070036 UE Guided Reading Austrian Histoy 2 - in Österreich - 19. bis 21. Jahrhundert
070103 UE [en] Guided Reading Economic and Social History - Comparative Urban History - in Medieval and Early Modern Central Europe
070145 UE Guided Reading Women's and Gender History - Catholic female Agency - in Austria in the 19th and early 20th century
070178 UE Guided Reading Austrian History I - Jews and Other "Privileged Persons" - Privileges in the Habsburg Monarchy
070309 UE [en] Guided Reading Political History - Narratives in Conflict - Nationalisms and Nation-building in Burma/Myanmar
070018 UE Guided Reading
070005 PS Proseminar
070026 PS Proseminar
070095 PS BA-Proseminar - Plantation Slavery and (second) Serfdom. - Early Modern Economic and Seigneurial Institutions in Comparative Perspective
070195 PS BA-Proseminar - Der Balkan im Mittelmeer
070245 PS BA-Proseminar - The National heroic myths and military traditions - in the Modern Time Central and Eastern Europe
070277 PS (PH-WIEN) Proseminar - Between colonisation and decolonisation - visual representations, maps and texts concerning Europe's expansion
070294 PS [en] BA-Proseminar - Early Middle Ages - Transformations in Europe and the Mediterranean, c. 300-1100
090012 PS STEOP: Introductory Seminar in Ancient History - anhand ausgewählter Beispiele
070223 KU Methods of Historical Research and Writing - Frauen- und Geschlechtergeschichte im östlichen Europa
070008 KU Methods of Historical Research and Writing - Rulers and Ruler Cults in Southeast Europe
070002 UE Reading Historiography - Main Topics of the European Historiography in the 20th century
070001 UE Reading Historiography - Doing and writing history
070121 UE Reading Historiography - Wer macht Geschichte? Akteure (in) der Geschichtsschreibung
070162 UE Reading Historiography - Zur Entstehung des Kapitalismus
070032 UE Reading Historiography - Historiographiegeschichte im historischen Kontext
070093 UE Reading Historiography - Travelling in North America, 17th-20th centuries
070177 UE Reading Historiography - Jüdische Historiographie - Narrative und Diskurse
230020 VO Structure and Development of Mordern Societies - Social Change of the Austrian Society
070256 PS Political Education and Democratic Education - Macht, Mündigkeit und Autonomie im Kontext politischer Bildung
070078 UE Peer Mentoring
070003 SE BA-Seminar - The Italian Risorgimento, the Unification of Germany - A Model for East Central and South Eastern Europe?
070235 SE (PH-WIEN) BA-Seminar
070247 SE (PH-WIEN) BA-Seminar - Täter*innen zur Zeit des Nationalsozialismus

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