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Bachelor Slavonic Studies (650 [3] - Version 2019)

480006 KO Colloquium on Linguistics - Reading medieval and early modern Slavic texts
480073 KO Colloquium on Linguistics - East Slavic Grammar & Lexicology
480079 KO Colloquium on Linguistics - Language policies in the South-Slavic lingustic area
480083 KO Colloquium on Linguistics - The evolution of the Bulgarian standard language
480094 KO Colloquium on Linguistics - Earlier West Slavonic Grammatography
480100 KO Colloquium on Linguistics - German-Czech-Slovak Contrastive Lexicology and Phraseology
480158 KO Colloquium on Linguistics - Linguistic Thought in the Eastern and Southern Slavic World: Cultural and Historical Perspectives in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Times
480042 KO Colloquium on Literature - Lyric Poetry and Performative Speech
480053 KO Colloquium on Literature - Literary Theory: Problems of Texts and Authorship
480054 KO Colloquium on Literature - The Novelistic Work of Drago Jancar
480063 KO Colloquium on Literature - Metapoetic lyrics. Poets in their poetry about poetry
480064 KO Colloquium on Literature - Memories in Russian Literature
480069 KO Colloquium on Literature - Taboo in Polish literature
480086 KO Colloquium on Literature - Nation / Imagination. Nation and identity discourses in contemporary post-yugoslav cinema
480088 KO Colloquium on Literature - Elisaveta Bagryna and Blaga Dimitrova - the Woman as Writting Person
480152 KO Colloquium on Literature - History of the Czech and Slovak Lands from the Philological Viewpoint
480055 SE BA Seminar on Linguistics - The Balkans from the Point of View of Areal Linguistics
480065 SE BA Seminar on Linguistics - Typology, Morphology and Word-Formation of the West Slavonic Languages
480070 SE BA Seminar on Linguistics - Language Policy in the Slavic-Speaking World
480098 SE BA Seminar on Linguistics - South Slavic Lexicology & Lexicography
480104 SE BA Seminar on Linguistics - East Slavic Linguistics (20th century)
480072 SE BA Seminar on Literature - Russian travel literature (18th - 21st century)
480089 SE BA Seminar on Literature - Miloš Crnjanski
480092 SE BA Seminar on Literature - The Image of the City in Bulgarian Symbolst and Post-Symbolst Poetry
480130 SE BA Seminar on Literature - Russian und Ukrainian poetry of the 20th century

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