Universität Wien

UF MA BU 04 Special topics of master thesis (6 ECTS)

300005 VO Vertebrates - Morphology, Phylogeny, Biology
300159 VO [de en] Conservation Genetics - Konzepte und Anwendungen am Beispiel ausgewählter Arten , z.B. Wölfe, Tiger, Seeadler, Kondore
300170 VO Spatial analytic methods in Conservation Biology - Introduction to GIS (GIS 1)
300175 VO [en] Microbial Oceanography
300231 VO Behavioural biology of aquatic vertebrates - fishes and whales
300238 VO Habitatmapping - Assessment of conservation value
300310 VO Neurobiology II - Neurobiologie II
300329 VO Introduction into evolutionary biology - Principles of molecular evolution - from gene evolution to speciation
300336 VO [en] Biology of Cognition
300435 VO Animal biogeography - Principles of animal biogeography
300499 VO Voices of Austrian birds - Introduction to the songs and calls of Austrian birds
300557 VO Human-Animal Interactions (Anthrozoology) - evolutionary functions and mechanisms, animals as social partners, species management

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