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M3 D. Ethics/Applied Ethics, Philosophy of Politics, Social Philosophy

030332 SE The ethical perspective on the law: Foundations I - (auch für DissertantInnen und DiplomandInnen)
030352 SE Tragedy in Law, Tragedy of Law - for diploma and doctoral students
180129 VO-L Nowhere Land as a place of poitical desire and anxiety - Political Utopias as a topic in philosophy, literature and popularculture
180130 FS Philosophy and the Public Sphere - Philosophy in the field of tension between public presence and academic self-image
180154 SE People, animals, robots - Technikphilosophische Untersuchungen
180216 SE [en] Islamic Finance - Economic, Ethical and Historical Foundations
210101 VO M3: SpezialVO Political Theories and Research on Theory - The democratic horizon. Freedom, equality and solidarity in a radical democratic perspective

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