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M2 Foundations of Philosophy and Economics (22 ECTS)

For this module, mandatory compensatory courses are assigned to you based on your prior academic experience. Depending on disciplinary backgrounds, some students will have more opportunities to choose courses freely than others.

040043 UK [en] Microeconometrics (MA)
180162 SE [en] Philosophy of Science
180101 SE Philosophy of Mathematics - Aktuelle Debatten
180122 VO-L Karen Barad: Philosophy-Physics - Time / Process / Mattering / Relationality
180123 SE [en] The De Se in Language and Thought - Classic and Recent Texts
180125 SE [en] Language and Thought
180127 SE [en] Action and Interaction - Understanding of Action as a Social Phenomenon
180129 VO-L Nowhere Land as a place of poitical desire and anxiety - Political Utopias as a topic in philosophy, literature and popularculture
180133 SE Metaphor - Versuche mit Franz-Josef Czernin
180134 SE Contemporary Problems of Indian Philosophies - Postcolonial Theories, Hindutva, Philosophy of the Spirit
180137 SE [en] Quantum Ontology
180139 SE Hegel's science of logic - Zentrale Themen der Logik des Seins und der Logik des Wesens
180154 SE People, animals, robots - Technikphilosophische Untersuchungen
180163 VO [en] A History of Economic Thought: Economic Theories and Methodological Positions - Part I: the 19th and beginning 20 th century
180213 SE [en] Emergence in Sciences
180216 SE [en] Islamic Finance - Economic, Ethical and Historical Foundations

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