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Organic Chemistry (10 ECTS)

270003 UE+VO Structure-oriented searches in chemical databases - literature and facts
270032 VO NMR Spectroscopy of bio-molecules - Strukturbestimmung von freien und proteingebundenen Kohlehydraten
270033 SE+UE [de en] Vibrational Spectroscopy - measuerment and selected topics
270107 SE Structures from Spectra - Interpretation of Spectra and Structure Determination (UVIS, IR, MS, NMR)
270127 VO Organic Chemical Methods - in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
270130 UE Practical spectroscopy - UV/VIS, IR/Ra, NMR
270172 UE Advanced laboratory course of organic chemistry - OC-2 - Reaction mechanisms and structure - Function Relationships
270188 VO+UE [en] Supramolecular Chemistry

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