Universität Wien

MA UF GW 03 Subject-Specific In-Depth Studies Economics (8 ECTS)

040173 VO Cooperative Business - unter besonderer Berücksichtigung von Kooperationen
040245 UK [en] Incentives and Strategic Behavior (BA) - Track in Competition and Regulation
040134 UK History of Economic Policy - from mercantilism to presence
040036 UK [en] Development Economics (MA) - Track in Policy Evaluation
290008 VU Special Topics in Economics - Macroeconomics: Open Goods and Financial Markets from an Economics Perspective
290170 SE Seminar in Economics (Macroeconomics): 'macroeconomics: theory and politics' - für Geographinnen und Geographen: 'Makroökonomie: Theorie und Politik'
040289 UK [en] Gender Economics (BA)
040175 KU Solidary Economic (MA) - Cooperative economy and Cooperatives
290011 SE Seminar in Economics (Macroeconomics) - What the so-called "Nobel Prize for Economics" has been awarded for - new findings and appraisals
040162 SE [en] Political Order, Culture, Geography and Economic Development (MA) - Track in Macroeconomic Policy and Trak ind Policy Evaluation

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