Universität Wien

M3 Practical Research and Presentation (23 ECTS)

Curricular vorgegebene Teilnahmevoraussetzung: Positiver Abschluss von M1 und M2.

070101 SE Research Seminar - Getting known all over the World - The History of the "Gmundner Keramik"
070174 UE Methodological workshop History of science - Related to Nature. Research on Totemistic Societies from Pater W. Schmidt to Descola
070197 UE Methodological workshop - Falldossiers als Historische Quelle
210125 SE M10: Culture and Politics - Architecture and Political Culture
210126 SE [en] M10: Culture and Politics - Climate Visuals: The Visual Construction of the Climate Crisis
210127 SE M10: Culture and Politics - The visual language of the US Alt Right and the European New Right
230079 SE Ethnographic film/ social science film - Audio-visual material in research, analysis and communication

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