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Courses of the Center for Doctoral Studies

Beginning with fall 2009 the University of Vienna is offering workshops for the obtainment and further development of transferable skills to students who have been accepted for the new doctoral programme.
PhD candidates are advised to choose those workshops which best support their research project. Workshops concerning exposé writing are open to all doctoral students. The acceptance of the exposé is a necessary requirement for all workshops. Please note, that the choice of workshops is constantly extended.

Participation takes place on a voluntary basis. For any application, please use the UNIVIS online system. ( http://univis.univie.ac.at )

After application attendance of the whole course is compulsory.
Further information can be obtained from: http://doktorat.univie.ac.at

980003 TS [en] From research question to literature - Finding and using information resources for your PhD project
980019 TS [en] Exposé Writing in English - How to write and present a doctoral thesis proposal
980028 TS [en] Academic Writing in English - Part 2 - Online Workshop
980029 TS [en] Academic Writing in English - Part 2 - Online Workshop
980032 TS [en] English Pronunciation
980035 TS [en] Presenting Online
980039 TS Überzeugend sprechen und souverän auftreten - Training für Stimme, Sprechen und persönliche Wirkung
980040 TS [en] Time and Selfmanagement - Online Workshop
980042 TS Datenmanagement für Doktorand*innen - Online Workshop

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