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Get vaccinated to work and study safely together in autumn.

To enable a smooth and safe start into the semester for all members of the University of Vienna, you can get vaccinated without prior appointment on the Campus of the University of Vienna from Saturday, 18 September, until Monday, 20 September. More information: https://www.univie.ac.at/en/about-us/further-information/coronavirus/.

General Electives (12 ECTS)

040040 UK [en] (REMOTE) Social Choice (MA)
040062 UK [en] (REMOTE) Behavioral Economics (MA) - Track in Behavioral Economics and Experiments
040068 UK [en] (MIXED) Dynamic Macroeconomics with Numerics (MA) - Track in Macroeconomic Policy
040112 SE [en] (MIXED) Law and Economics (MA) - Track in Competition and Regulation
040196 UK [en] (REMOTE) Money and Banking (MA) - Track in Macroeconomic Policy
040209 UK [en] (MIXED) Growth and Climate Change (MA) - Track in Macroeconomic Policy
040244 UK [en] (MIXED) Intermediate Public Economics (MA) - Track in Policy Evaluation
040250 SE [en] (MIXED) Religion and Economic Behavior (MA) - Track in Behavioral Economics and Experiments
040031 KU [en] (REMOTE) Python for Finance I (MA)
040090 KU [en] (REMOTE) Corporate Finance 2 (MA)
040094 KU [en] (REMOTE) Corporate Finance 1 (MA)
040095 KU [en] (REMOTE) Investment Banking (MA)
040097 KU [en] (REMOTE) Commercial Banking (MA)
040118 KU [en] (REMOTE) Corporate Restructuring (MA)
040176 KU [en] (REMOTE) Asset Pricing 1 (MA)
040181 KU [en] (REMOTE) Asset Pricing 2 (MA)
040206 KU [en] (REMOTE) Incentive Contracts (MA)
040259 SE [en] (REMOTE) Seminar Corporate Finance (MA)
040514 KU [en] (REMOTE) Python for Finance II (MA)
040014 KU [en] (REMOTE) Econometrics in Finance (MA)
040256 UK [en] (REMOTE) Panel Data Econometrics (MA) - Track in Data Analysis
040295 UK [en] (REMOTE) Causal Inference (MA) - Track in Data Analysis and Policy Evaluation - Applied Causal Inference: how to answer interesting questions using data
040692 UK (MIXED) Econometrics
040264 SE [en] (REMOTE) Philosophy and Economics (MA) - Types of Explanations in the History of Economic Theory

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