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040061 UK (REMOTE) Selected Topics in Economic Policy (BA) - Track in Policy Evaluation
040075 UK [en] (REMOTE) Principles of Behavioral and Experimental Economics (BA) - Track in Behavioral Economics and Experiments
040080 UK [en] (REMOTE) International Economics and Finance (BA) - Track in Macroeconomic Policy
040163 UK (REMOTE) Basics of Public Economics
040216 PS [en] (REMOTE) Topics in Globalization (BA)
040224 UK [en] (REMOTE) Topics in Public Economics (BA) - Track in Policy Evaluation
040234 UK [en] (REMOTE) Collective Choice (BA)
040236 UK [en] (REMOTE) Strategic thinking in practice (BA)
040263 UK [en] (REMOTE) Quantitative Economic History (BA) - Track in Data Analysis
040268 UK [en] (REMOTE) European Economic History (BA)
040278 UK [en] (REMOTE) Small Business Economics (BA)
040298 UK [en] (REMOTE) Labor Economics (BA) - Track in Policy Evaluation
040302 UK (REMOTE) Economic History (BA) - Banking and Finance Systems in historical retrospect
040760 UK (MIXED) Health- and Pharmaceutical Economics (BA) - Track in Competition and Regulation
041010 UK [en] (REMOTE) Keynes for Beginners (BA)

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