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Aspects and Regions (18 ECTS)

070217 VO (MIXED) Austrian History I
070145 VO (MIXED) Austrian History II
070072 VO (REMOTE) Austrian History II
070005 VO (MIXED) Economic and Social History - Economy and Society in Europe, 1000-2000
070144 VO (REMOTE) Eastern European History
070019 VO (MIXED) Women's and Gender History
070044 VO (REMOTE) Global History
070077 UE (REMOTE) Guided Reading Austrian History 2 - From the corporative state to consensus democracy: The dream of a reconciled society
070162 UE (MIXED) Guided Reading
070003 UE [en] (REMOTE) Guided Reading Wirtschafts- und Sozialgeschichte - Banking and financial markets in the long run
070032 UE (MIXED) Guided Reading Vienna
070282 UE (MIXED) Guided Reading Vienna: Urban Development and Economy - Begriffe, Diskurse und Praktiken in transdisziplinärer und epochenübergreifender Perspektive
070275 UE (MIXED) Guided Reading Women's and Gender History - Geschlechterbeziehungen und ihre visionäre Gestaltung von "Der Stadt der Frauen" bis "Thelma and Louise"
070004 UE [en] (REMOTE) Guided Reading Globalgeschichte - Nations and empires revisited: Novel perspectives on economic and political integration in the long run
070015 UE (MIXED) Guided Reading Modern Times
070263 UE (REMOTE) Guided Reading Modern Times - History of Violence - Trends, Loose Ends and Open Question
070050 UE (REMOTE) Guided Reading Contemporary History - International Student Mobility in the 20th Century - Global South Students between East and West
070079 UE (REMOTE) Guided Reading Contemporary History - What is the economy? Approaches in the history of knowledge
070013 UE (MIXED) Guided Reading Cultural History - Ports - Gates to the World - Die Geschichte eines Stadttyps im Längsschnitt
090012 PS (REMOTESTEOP) STEOP: Introductory Seminar in Ancient History - anhand ausgewählter Beispiele
070368 PS [en] (REMOTE) Proseminar - Russia and the Sea - European Encounters Around the Baltic Rim
070039 PS (MIXED) BA-Proseminar - Letters in Late Medieval and Early Modern Times - Briefe im Spätmittelalter und in der Frühen Neuzeit
070048 PS (MIXED) Proseminar - Austrian History 2 - Die "Österreichfrage" als internationales Problem, 1848-1955
070160 PS (MIXED) BA-Proseminar - Microeconomics for historians - A look at the history of consumption
070294 PS [en] (REMOTE) BA-Proseminar - Early Middle Ages - Transformations in Europe and the Mediterranean, c. 300-1100
070180 PS (MIXED) BA-Proseminar - Women's and Gender History - Sports history as gender history. On the relation between sport and gender from the 19th to the 21st centuries

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