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Master Global History and Global Studies (805 [3] - Version 2019)

070292 UE [en] (REMOTE) Reading Course Global History
070102 UE (MIXED) Foreign Languages in Historical Studies - French - Émotions et démocratie : entre "amour de la République" et "émocratie" (XVIIIe-XXIe siècles)
070340 UE [en] (MIXED) Working skills for Global history
070151 UE (MIXED) Methodenkurs
240052 SE (REMOTEISK) VM4 / VM5 - Audio-Visual Media in East Africa - Agency and Appropriation in the Postcolonial Context
150006 SE Seminar (Politics, Economy, Law) (EC) - Chinesisches Recht im Spiegel der internationalen Beziehungen der VR China
010097 SE (REMOTE) Did Christianity shape law in Europe? - A Walk through the History and Sources of Canon law
240096 VO (ISK) Education and International Development - Transnationale und transdisziplinäre Perspektiven
143385 VO (REMOTE) The Sudan in the 19th Century - Hegemonial Intentions, European Colonialism and the "Discovery" of Africa
030112 SE (REMOTE) Law of the Christian East - Orthodoxy and Europe (for diploma and doctoral students)
090101 VO Philosophy, History and Aesthetics in Eleventh-Century Byzantium - Key topics of the thought of Michael Psellos
070295 SE [en] (REMOTE) Seminar - Drugs and Empires
070035 VO (REMOTE) Further Approaches
070037 VO (MIXED) Further Approaches
030227 SE (REMOTE) Indigenous Legal Studies: Selfdetermination and decolonial Law - for diploma and doctoral students
143254 SE (REMOTE) Translocal solidarities from the mid-20th century to the present - from the Anti-Apartheid-Movement to Black Lives Matter and beyond
210132 VO (REMOTE) M8: SpezialVO Gender and Politics - Neoliberalism, Authoritarianism, Gender
010094 VO (REMOTE) Intercultural Philosophy
080027 SE (REMOTE) M310 Cultural Practices and Semiosis in Everyday Life - Empirisch-kulturwissenschaftliche Perspektiven auf Privilegien
090101 VO Philosophy, History and Aesthetics in Eleventh-Century Byzantium - Key topics of the thought of Michael Psellos
230005 VO [en] (REMOTE) Introduction to urban sociology
230049 SE [en] (REMOTE) Global demographic trends
330002 SE [en] (REMOTE) Nutrition in Developing Countries - Gender, Nutrition & Development
330033 VO [en] (REMOTE) Global Nutrition
030702 KU (REMOTE) Introduction into the Philosophy of Law and State of the Modern Age - Political Philosophy and Philosophy of Law II
070283 UE (MIXED) Methodological Course - Sexuality and Science in Cold War - Diskurse, Denkstile und transregionale Verflechtungen
290042 PS [en] (ON-SITE) Migration, Displacement and Asylum
150007 UE Academic Discourses in Cultural Science Research on Japan - Literature and Propaganda in World War II
150135 VU [en] History of East Asia
143221 KU (REMOTE) Language and Textual Practices - From Colonial Language Textbooks and their Heritage to Today's Understanding of Heterogeneous Knowledge Production
030141 KU (REMOTE) History of international law
030680 KU [en] (REMOTE) International Humanitarian Law
030559 KU (REMOTE) Globalisation and Legal Pluralism - Focus Area: Human Rigths
030194 KU (REMOTE) Islam in Europe - (Issues from) Legal history and contemporory legal developments
090033 VO (REMOTESTEOP) Introduction into Roman Archaeology
090013 UE (REMOTE) Classical Studies
330064 VU [en] (REMOTE) Food Safety
070216 SE [en] (MIXED) Research Seminar Applied Global History - History of food - Representation and practice in arts and crafts
070168 UE (REMOTE) Proposalworkshop
070095 SE (REMOTE) Master's Thesis Seminar
070107 SE (MIXED) Master's Thesis Seminar
070135 SE (MIXED) Master's Thesis Seminar - Discovering the World. Texts on Globalization
070218 SE [en] (MIXED) Master's Thesis Seminar - Graduate College (Global History and Global Studies)
070279 SE (REMOTE) Master Seminar

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