Universität Wien

M3 Specialisation (24 ECTS)

070044 VO (REMOTE) Global History
070053 UE (REMOTE) Workshop on Methods - oder Was die Obrigkeit schon immer wissen wollte
070283 UE (MIXED) Methodological Course - Sexuality and Science in Cold War - Diskurse, Denkstile und transregionale Verflechtungen
010054 VU (REMOTE) Pastoral challenges in context of migration: the Orthodox Church(es) in Austria - Practical Theology - orthodox approach
010115 SE [en] (REMOTE) The Mother of God in the Patristic and Byzantine Tradition - Theology and Spirituality of the Eastern Church Fathers
030112 SE (REMOTE) Law of the Christian East - Orthodoxy and Europe (for diploma and doctoral students)
210090 VO [en] (REMOTE) BAK15: SpezialVO East European Studies - Nation building, transitional justice and mnemonic conflicts in the post-Soviet space
210135 SE [en] (REMOTE) M9: Eastern European Studies - New Perspectives in Memory Studies with a focus on Eastern Europe
210136 SE (REMOTE) M9: Eastern European Studies - Democratic Innovations and Authoritarian Developments in Central and Eastern Europe
230049 SE [en] (REMOTE) Global demographic trends
480091 VO Historical and Comparative Linguistics - Protoslavic grammar, Part 2
480084 KO Colloquium on Linguistics - Slavic languages in typological comparison
480125 KO Colloquium on Linguistics - Key texts of the history of languages (Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Polish)
480124 KO Colloquium on Literature and Cultural Studies for graduate candidates - Literatur- und kulturwissenschaftliches Konversatorium für Abschlusskandidat*innen
480087 SE Seminar on Linguistics - Sociolinguistics
480136 SE Seminar on Literature and Culture - Basics of rhetorics

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