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Introduction to the Key Aspects of Theories and History of Media (25 ECTS)

070245 UE (REMOTE) Reading Course in Contemporary History and Media - Photography | Film | TV | Video. Approaches in media history and cultural studies
060017 VO (REMOTE) Jew-Hatred - A History
080030 VU M420 Knowledge and Materiality: Memorial, Rust and Photograph: - Cultural Analytical Perspectives on Materialisations of Time.
080071 VU (REMOTE) B330 Specialised Methodology: How can I continue? - Ideas about Ethnological Fieldwork in Times of Crisis
080074 VO (REMOTE) B430 Special Theories: Critical Urban Theory - Diversität und Wohnen in der Großstadt
080087 PS (REMOTE) B410 Theories of Culture
170310 VO (REMOTE) Lecture: The History of Film - Transcultural film studies
170320 VO (REMOTE) Lecture: The History of Media - Neo-Avantgardes of the 1960s
170400 VO (REMOTE) New visibilities - New approaches of contemporary feminist theatre, film and media studies
210080 VO (REMOTE) BAK13: SpezialVO State Activity, Policy and Governance Analyses - Theories of public opinion and voting behaviour
230043 SE (REMOTE) Sociology of Emotions

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