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M4b Electives: Special Topics in Contemporary History and Media (25 ECTS)

Achtung: Für eine erfolgreiche Absolvierung des Moduls müssen 5 ECTS aus Zeitgeschichte und 20 ECTS aus den anderen Bereichen absolviert worden sein und darüber hinaus muss sich unter den 25 ECTS mindestens ein SE Seminar zu 5 ECTS befinden (siehe Curriculum).
Ebenso wichtig: Eine Leistung iZm einer VO, VU, KU, UE, WS, PS oder Ähnliches zählt nicht als eine Leistung aus einem SE Seminar.

060001 VO (REMOTE) Introduction: Visual Jewish Cultural History - Von Abraham bis Wonderwoman (Jüdische Kulturgeschichte in Film und Medien)
060017 VO (REMOTE) Jew-Hatred - A History
070290 SE (REMOTE) Seminar - Historical constellations of Self-technologies. - Working on the self in the 20th and 21st century
080027 SE (REMOTE) M310 Cultural Practices and Semiosis in Everyday Life - Empirisch-kulturwissenschaftliche Perspektiven auf Privilegien
080030 VU M420 Knowledge and Materiality: Memorial, Rust and Photograph: - Cultural Analytical Perspectives on Materialisations of Time.
080071 VU (REMOTE) B330 Specialised Methodology: How can I continue? - Ideas about Ethnological Fieldwork in Times of Crisis
080074 VO (REMOTE) B430 Special Theories: Critical Urban Theory - Diversität und Wohnen in der Großstadt
080087 PS (REMOTE) B410 Theories of Culture
080092 EX M220 Space-Time Configurations: Spatial transformations through a title. - European Capital of Culture Bad Ischl
080123 SE (REMOTE) M110 Media, Discourse and Representation: - Zum Gebrauch von Tutorials
143095 KU (REMOTE) Digitalizing Stories - African Literature in the Age of Social Media
143221 KU (REMOTE) Language and Textual Practices - From Colonial Language Textbooks and their Heritage to Today's Understanding of Heterogeneous Knowledge Production
143254 SE (REMOTE) Translocal solidarities from the mid-20th century to the present - from the Anti-Apartheid-Movement to Black Lives Matter and beyond
170310 VO (REMOTE) Lecture: The History of Film - Transcultural film studies
170320 VO (REMOTE) Lecture: The History of Media - Neo-Avantgardes of the 1960s
170400 VO (REMOTE) New visibilities - New approaches of contemporary feminist theatre, film and media studies
170600 SE (REMOTE) MA 1.1. "Forms of Staging and Aesthetic Perception" - Theatre, Performance, and Olfactory Perception
170601 SE (REMOTE) MA 1.1. "Forms of Staging and Aesthetic Perception" - 1926. Dramaturgy at the edge of time?
170602 SE (REMOTE) MA 1.1. "Forms of Staging and Aesthetic Perception" - Time and temporality in the films of Jim Jarmusch
170603 SE (REMOTE) MA 1.1. "Forms of Staging and Aesthetic Perception" - Gerda Taro and Kati Horna - female photographers of the Spanish Civil War
170604 SE (REMOTE) MA 1.1. "Forms of Staging and Aesthetic Perception" - Resistant aesthetics - Peter Weiss
170605 SE (REMOTE) MA 1.1. "Forms of Staging and Aesthetic Perception" - Platform Analysis
170606 SE (REMOTE) MA 1.1. "Forms of Staging and Aesthetic Perception" - Afrofuturism - Utopias from Africa, America and the Diaspora
170610 SE (REMOTE) MA 1.2. "Processes of Theatricality and Mediality" - panta rhei: Archetypes 2.0
170611 SE (REMOTE) MA 1.2. "Processes of Theatricality and Mediality" - Mediality of Disorder
170612 SE (REMOTE) MA 1.2. "Processes of Theatricality and Mediality" - Exhibition performance / Performance Exhibitions as an art form
170614 SE (REMOTE) MA 1.2. "Processes of Theatricality and Mediality" - Alexander Kluge and the Frankfurt School
210080 VO (REMOTE) BAK13: SpezialVO State Activity, Policy and Governance Analyses - Theories of public opinion and voting behaviour
210137 VO (REMOTE) M10: SpezialVO Culture and Politics - Image politics
230006 VO (REMOTE) Sociological methodology and methods - Basics, critique, and new developments in empirical research
230043 SE (REMOTE) Sociology of Emotions
230085 VO (REMOTE) The Social and the Corona-Crisis - Current research on the social consequences of the pandemic
230086 VO (REMOTE) Sociology of Profanity
230103 SE (REMOTE) Data visualization with R
230104 SE [en] (REMOTE) Mixed Methods
240052 SE (REMOTEISK) VM4 / VM5 - Audio-Visual Media in East Africa - Agency and Appropriation in the Postcolonial Context

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