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1. Studienabschnitt

070022 VO Modern History
070141 VO Modern History
070107 VO Global History
070004 KU Methods of Historical Research and Writing - Krieg in der Geschichte
070058 KU Methods of Historical Research and Writing - Country of Migration Austria: Immigrations and Emigrations in the 20th Century
070043 UE Guided Reading Economic and Social History - Economic Modernization in the Habsburg Monarchy in the long 19th Century
070046 UE Guided Reading - Gender, work and labour history
070048 UE Guided Reading - Advertising and Marketing Strategies in Europe from the Early Modern Period until today
070099 UE Guided Reading Austrian Cultural Scandals - 19th to 21st Century - im 19., 20. und 21. Jahrhundert
070113 UE Guided Reading East European History - Cultural History of Poland - from the Middle Ages to the 21st Century
070168 UE Guided Reading East European History - vom mittelalterlichen Königreich bis in die Gegenwart
070220 UE Guided Reading - Reading Sources: Human to human and human-to-god relationsships (1300 1500, mainly urban history)
070257 UE Guided Reading History of Science - The cell as the 'fundamental unit of life' - Approaches in the history of science to a biological entity as research object, pivotal conceptual point, and projection screen for biopolitics in the 19th and 20th century
070270 UE Guided Reading - Mediterranean Slaveries - Between Medieval and Early Modern Times
070051 UE Reading Historiography - Classics of Historiography
070061 UE Reading Historiography - The actors of history
070078 UE Reading Historiography - The long 19th century in Eastern and Western Europe
070083 UE Reading Historiography - Comparing Images of Eastern Europe
070093 UE Reading Historiography - Learning from History? Historiography and Practices of History
070133 UE Reading Historiography - Making History. Agency and Movement in Historiography
070146 UE Reading Historiography - Transnational history of East-central Europe, 19-20th century: Themes and key writings
070159 UE Reading Historiography - Material Culture and Historical Science
070223 UE Reading Historiography - Historical anthropology and its relation to social and economic history
070228 UE Reading Historiography - Das historische Phänomen "Kosaken" von der Entstehung bis zum Anfang des 19. Jahrhunderts
070242 UE Reading Historiography - Travelling in Africa, 16th-20th centuries
070247 UE Reading Historiography - Historiography from antiquity to modern times
070250 UE Reading Historiography - Introduction to Historiography

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