Universit├Ąt Wien

M-13 Social Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Gender Theory (10 ECTS)

180003 SE (REMOTE) Developing all human potential - The concept of >Bildung< in classical German Philosophy
180054 VO (REMOTE) Political ethics
180057 SE (REMOTE) Philosophy, art, holocaust
180065 SE [en] (REMOTE) Political Epistemology
180121 VO (REMOTE) The criticism of the critics
180129 VO (REMOTE) Ringvorlesung Responsibility/ies and Agency - Gendered Challenges
180154 SE (REMOTE) Philosophy of Economy
180156 VO (REMOTE) Science and democracy
180163 VO (REMOTE) VO-L Socialism intercultural
210064 SE (REMOTE) BAK9: Political Theories and Research on Theories - Political theories of antisemitism

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