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M-14 Contemporary Philosophy (10 ECTS)

010094 VO (REMOTE) Intercultural Philosophy
010351 VO (REMOTE) Contemporary Philosophy - Reading Plato in Contemporary Philosophy
180036 SE (REMOTE) Media Workshop: pandemic
180038 VO (REMOTE) Contemporary Problems of Indian Philosophies - Postcolonial Theories, Hindutva, Philosophy of the Spirit
180059 VO-L (REMOTE) Modern philosophy
180061 SE (REMOTE) Fundamental Questions of Existential Analysis - Language, conversation, Silence in its meaning for the practice of psychotherapy
180064 SE [en] (REMOTE) Philosophy of Science Colloquium
180139 SE (REMOTE) Culture and politics - Repräsentation, Identität, Authentizität. Kulturphilosophische Untersuchungen"
180154 SE (REMOTE) philosophy the economy

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