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M2.P3 (Extended) Option(s) in Philosophy (5/10/15 ECTS)

the courses listed here are open to students of various philosophy programmes and may have differing registration periods!

180002 SE (REMOTE) Schiller - Über die ästhetische Erziehung des Menschen in einer Reihe von Briefen
180003 SE (REMOTE) Developing all human potential - The concept of >Bildung< in classical German Philosophy
180038 VO (REMOTE) Contemporary Problems of Indian Philosophies - Postcolonial Theories, Hindutva, Philosophy of the Spirit
180045 VO (REMOTE) Bolzano's metaphysics
180050 SE (REMOTE) Wittgenstein and Literature
180051 VO (REMOTE) Questions of Aesthetics - What is Art?
180054 VO (REMOTE) Political ethics
180057 SE (REMOTE) Philosophy, art, holocaust
180059 VO-L (REMOTE) Modern philosophy
180065 SE [en] (REMOTE) Political Epistemology
180067 SE (REMOTE) Philosophy of Geometry
180068 SE [en] (REMOTE) Material culture and artifactuality
180069 SE (REMOTE) Aristotle: metaphysics
180070 SE [en] (REMOTE) Habits
180071 SE (REMOTE) Hegel: Science of Logic - Das Sein (1812) im Horizont von Kants Erkenntnistheorie
180074 SE [en] (REMOTE) H.L.A. Hart, The Concept of Law (1961, Third edition 2012) - A seminar on a classical work of legal philosophy with reference to current debates about legal positivism versus natural law
180075 SE (REMOTE) Theories of Assembly
180077 SE (REMOTE) Orientation
180078 SE (REMOTE) Orientation
180106 SE (REMOTE) Plotinian Principle Theory - Ennead VI 8: On the Voluntary and on the Free Will of the One
180121 VO (REMOTE) The criticism of the critics
180128 VO [en] Philosophy of Mind
180129 VO (REMOTE) Ringvorlesung Responsibility/ies and Agency - Gendered Challenges
180130 VO-L (REMOTE) Applied Phenomenology
180155 VO-L (REMOTE) metaethics
180156 VO (REMOTE) Science and democracy
180157 VO-L (REMOTE) Transcendental Logic
180162 SE (REMOTE) Sexuation - Psychoanalytic Perspectives
180163 VO (REMOTE) VO-L Socialism intercultural

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