Universität Wien

Master Earth Sciences (815 [2] - Version 2014) - discontinued

Äquivalenzverordnung zum Curriculum für das Masterstudium Erdwissenschaften (Version 2014): https://mtbl.univie.ac.at/storage/media/mtbl02/2019_2020/2019_2020_189.pdf

280063 VU (ON-SITE) MA-ERD-G-5 Geochronology (PI)
280086 SE (ON-SITE) MA-ERD-W-1.1 Geological research and its historical sources in the 19th and 20th centuries (PI) - Englisch Introduction to the collections of the Archives of the History of Geology
280088 VO+SE [en] (ON-SITE) MA-ERD-W-1.1 Basin Analysis (PI)

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