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Elective Modules (40 ECTS)

Die Studierenden haben nach Maßgabe des Angebots aus den unter Absatz 2c aufgelisteten Modulen Module im Umfang von 40 ECTS-Punkten als Wahlmodule zu absolvieren, soweit diese nicht als Pflichtmodule des Schwerpunkts absolviert werden.

MA-ERD-W-1.1 Individual Specialisation (10 ECTS)

280086 SE ( ON-SITE ) MA-ERD-W-1.1 Geological research and its historical sources in the 19th and 20th centuries (PI) - Englisch Introduction to the collections of the Archives of the History of Geology
280088 VO+SE [ en ] ( ON-SITE ) MA-ERD-W-1.1 Basin Analysis (PI)

MA-ERD-W-1.2 Indiv. Research Project Mineralogy, Geomaterials and Applied Earth Sciences (5 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-1.3 Individual Research Project Geology, Paleobiology and Geobiology (5 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-1.4 Earth Science Excursions I (5 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-1.5 Earth Science Excursions II (5 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-2.1 Mathematical Methods in Earth Sciences (5 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-2.2 Statistics in Earth Sciences (5 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-2.3 Thermodynamics of Geomaterials (5 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-2.4 Sedimentology and Stratigraphy (5 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-2.5 Lithospheric Dynamics (5 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-2.6 Geochronology (5 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-2.7 Quantitative Structural Geology and Tectonics (5 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-2.8 Advanced Geological Mapping (5 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-2.9 Crystallography (5 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-2.10 Structural Chemistry and Real Structure of Geomaterials (5 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-2.11 Diffraction Methods (5 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-2.12 Mineral Spectroscopy - Electronic Spectroscopy (5 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-2.13 Mineral Spectroscopy - Vibration Spectroscopy (5 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-2.14 Functional Morphology (5 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-2.15 Actuopalaeontology (5 ECTS)

280076 VU ( ON-SITE ) MA-ERD-P-4 Actuopaleontology (PI)

MA-ERD-W-2.16 Evolution and Diversity Research (5 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-2.17 Climate Change Through Time (5 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-2.18 Geobiology (5 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-2.19 Applied Tectonics and Structural Geology (5 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-2.20 Geotechnical and Applied mineralogy (5 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-2.21 Groundwater Systems (10 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-2.22 Biogeochemistry of Pollutants and Nutrients (10 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-3.1 Elemental Analysis with the Electron Probe Microanalyser (5 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-3.2 Scanning Electron Microscopy (5 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-3.3 Field emission scanning electron microscopy and ion beam applications (5 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-3.4 Phase Analysis with Powder Diffractometry (4 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-3.5 Experimental Mineralogy and Petrology (5 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-3.6 Kinetics of Geological Materials (5 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-3.7 Magmatic Processes and Crust Formation (5 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-3.8 Mineral Deposits and Economic Geology (5 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-3.9 Reflected Light Microscopy of Ore Deposits (3 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-3.10 Planetary Geology (5 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-3.11 Regional Geology (5 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-3.12 Digital Field Methods (5 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-3.13 Glacial Sedimentology and Quaternary Geology (5 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-3.14 Advanced Stratigraphy and Carbonate Sedimentology (5 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-3.15 Applied Petroleum Geology and Seismic Interpretation (5 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-3.16 Karst Hydrology, Karst Morphology and Water Extraction (5 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-3.17 Active Tectonics (5 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-3.18 Microstructures in Geomaterials (5 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-3.19 Mineral Physics and Transformations (5 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-3.20 Applied Crystal Structure Determination (5 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-3.21 Gemstones as Geomaterials (5 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-3.22 Nuclear Waste Repository and Radiation Damage (3 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-3.23 Vertebrate Evolution (5 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-3.24 Microorganisms and their Applications (5 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-3.25 Paleobotany (5 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-3.26 Palaebiological Environmental Protection and Historical Ecology (5 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-4.1 Field and Laboratory Course Geochemistry of Bio-Mineral Interactions (10 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-4.2 Inorganic and Organic Pollutants in the Environment (10 ECTS)

280148 VU [ en ] ( ON-SITE ) MA-ERD-W.4.2 Inorganic Pollutants (PI)

MA-ERD-W-4.3 Soil and Groundwater Remediation (5 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-4.4 Field and Laboratory Course Groundwater and Pollutants (10 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-4.5 Fate of Emerging Organic Pollutants (5 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-4.6 Environmental Interface Chemistry (5 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-4.7 Methods in Environmental Chemistry and Biogeochemistry (5 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-4.8 Nanoparticles in the Environment (5 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-4.9 Geomorphology, Natural Hazards and Risk Research (7 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-4.10 Geoecology and Quaternary Research (6 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-4.11 Applied Geophysics (5 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-4.12 Introduction to Environmental Chemistry (15 ECTS)

MA-ERD-W-4.13 Individual Research Project Environmental Sciences (10 ECTS)

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