Universität Wien FIND

MA UF GW 02 Subject-Specific In-Depth Studies Geography (8 ECTS)

290271 SE Bachelorseminar Cartography and Geoinformation: Selected Topics in Geoinformatics - (auch für Lehramtsstudierende im Masterstudium)
290044 SE Bachelorseminar Spatial Research and Spatial Planning - Spatial Development in the Range of Urbanisation and Peripheralisation
290056 VU [en] Sustainable Cities
290042 PS [en] (ON-SITE) Migration, Displacement and Asylum
290077 PS (ON-SITE) Preparatory course for field excursion: Urban Development in South-Eastern Europe - (mandatory for participants of the field trip)
290099 EX (ON-SITE) Physiogeographical Field Trip: Mountain Torrents in Vienna - Naturgewalt gebändigt im Stadtgebiet

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