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4.4.1. Legal Gender Studies - Core Area (Women's and Gender Research)

030102 KU (REMOTE) The police in a liberal-democratic constitutional state - Aktuelle Herausforderungen der Polizeiarbeit mit thematischem Schwerpunkt in Genderforschung sowie Anti-Diskriminierung
030311 VO (REMOTE) Women in Law (Part B): Women in Legal Professions - Legal History - in cooperation with: Women in Law (Part A): Women in Legal Professions - Contemporary Issues
030727 SE (REMOTE) Seminar: Legal history & legal gender studies: "Womens's work on the test bench" - Historical developments and current challenges from gender pay gap to pandemic (for diploma and doctoral students)
030814 KU (REMOTE) Gender, law and power - Intersectional perspectives of Legal Gender Studies

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