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Extension Curriculum Public Law (033)

030260 KO (ON-SITE) Conversatorium in Administrative Law - for Non-Jurists
030053 KU (REMOTE) Political basic rights
030118 KU (MIXED) Investigative journalism - Die zwiespältige Rolle der Medien in Strafverfahren
030210 KU (REMOTE) Freedom and democracy - The parliament has voted, the population will decide?
030243 SE [de en] (ON-SITE) EU Asylum and Migration Law - for diploma and doctoral students
030378 KU (ON-SITE) Justice and Rule of Law - Fundamental questions of the legal system by current problems
030396 KU (MIXED) Introduction to Law on Culture - Constitutional & European Foundations, Law and Sponsorship and Subventions, Law on Organisational Structure
030652 KU [en] (MIXED) EU Constitutional Law: The Evolving Constitution of the European Union - Structures, Principles and Recent Developments
030661 KU [de en] (ON-SITE) European security law - EU security law - The central legal questions of the "European Security Architecture" are in the focus

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