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PM6 Historical Studies (10 ECTS)

070072 PS [en] (REMOTE) BA-Proseminar - Inner Asian Empires
070082 PS (REMOTE) BA-Proseminar - Prostitution/sex work - From the perspective of labour history, gender history and history of sexuality
070107 PS (REMOTE) BA-Proseminar - Austrian History 1 - Manorial system and subjects in the Austrian and Bohemian lands of the Habsburg Monarchy
070177 PS (REMOTE) BA-Proseminar - Silence and Remembrance - The Problem of National Socialism in Austria after 1945
070190 PS (REMOTE) BA-Proseminar - Work on Myth
070287 PS (REMOTE) BA-Proseminar - Queer/ing History - On the (contemporary) history of sexualities, bodies and genders

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