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PM4 Individual Specialisation (30 ECTS)

040049 SE [en] (REMOTE) Philosophy and Economics (MA) - Truth, Precision and Certainty; Formal Methods in Economic Theory Seminar Masterprogramm
070109 VO (REMOTE) Women's and Gender History
070076 VO (REMOTE) Theory meets Practice - Interdisziplinäre Ringvorlesung über die Relevanz der Teildisziplinen des MA Zeitgeschichte und Medien in der Medienpraxis
070170 SE (REMOTE) Seminar - Ego Documents of Early Modern Diplomats - Between Self-Perception and Self-Fashioning
070153 EX (REMOTE) Field Trip - Dachstein - Politik, Forschung und Geschlecht oberhalb der Baumgrenze (1840-1945)
090048 VO [de en] (MIXED) Modern Greek History III: 1923-2019
090051 VO [de en] (MIXED) Greek Jewry: History and Culture I
090055 SE [de en] (ON-SITE) Saint Demetrius of Thessaloniki: A Saint and his City across the Centuries - (can be counted as thesis seminar)
070258 EX (REMOTEPH-NÖ) Field Trip - Theresienstadt-Prag-Krakau-Auschwitz/Birkenau
180205 VO [en] (REMOTE) The Story of Economic Ideas: Economic Theories and Methodological Positions - Part I, the 19th century
260053 VO (ON-SITE) Physical research and epistemology - methodical paradigm shifts, current developments in funding and publication systems and how they influence our knowledge about the world
070239 SE (REMOTE) Seminar - Sources and literature on the early Interwar period - The League of Nations and the peace settlements in Eastern Europe, in the Balkans and in the Near East
070369 SE (REMOTE) Seminar - in der Frühen Neuzeit bis zum Beginn des 20. Jahrhunderts
070241 SE (REMOTE) Seminar on History (Master)
030274 SE [de en] (ON-SITE) "Judeities". Legal, political, social and cultural history of the Jews in Poland - For diploma and doctoral students
030678 KU [en] (ON-SITE) Law and Empire
070085 SE (REMOTE) Advanced Course on History Didactics I: The transition from feudalism to capitalism - Debates and controversies in historical materialism
070086 SE (REMOTE) Seminar - Quellen zur Wirtschaftsgeschichte für den Geschichtsunterricht
090007 VO [en] (MIXED) The Development of the Greek Polis
090096 VO (MIXED) Painting in the Aegean Bronze Age - Vorlesung zu Typologie, Stil, Chronologie

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