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Bachelor Islamic Theology (196)

144003 VO (STEOPON-SITE) Diversity in Islam
144006 VO (STEOPON-SITE) Basic Methods of Academic Writing
141164 VU (ON-SITE) Turkish Grammar III
141304 VO (STEOPON-SITE) STEOP: Turkish Grammar I
144012 VU (ON-SITE) Arabic II
144020 VU (ON-SITE) Arabic IV
141168 UE (ON-SITE) Turkish Conversation Class III
144008 VO (REMOTE) Biography of the Prophet
144009 VO (ON-SITE) Sufism I (tasawwuf)
144013 VO (ON-SITE) Discursive Theology (kalam)
144014 SE (REMOTE) Islamic Ethics (ahlaq)
144015 VU (ON-SITE) Qur'nic Exegesis II (tafsir)
144021 VU (ON-SITE) Discursive Theology II (kalam)
144010 VO (ON-SITE) Islamic History I
144024 SE (ON-SITE) Gender Studies and Islam
144025 VU (REMOTE) Islamic Philosophy (falsafa)

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